How to clean dance shoes?

Suede Soles
Use a suede shoe brush to brush up the nap at the bottom of your shoes. Always brush in one direction, toe to heel. Do this as needed, when you notice your soles becoming flat and smooth, or have dirty stuck on it.

Leather Shoes
Polish your shoes once a week. Clean with a damp cloth to remove all traces of dirt. Use a thin layer of cream or wax polish to preserve leather and to keep your shoes looking good.

Suede Shoes
Remove dirt with an old tooth brush or suede brush. Stains are removed with suede shampoo. Apply suede dressing in the morning so that your shoes have time to dry out before an evening of dancing. Brush your shoe front to back after applying the suede dressing.

Nubuck Shoes
Clean with a cloth dipped in slightly soapy, warm water. The rest of the care tips are identical to that of suede shoes.

Patent Leather Shoes
Clean with a damp cloth and when dry, apply patent dresing. Shine with a soft cloth. Never use ordinary shoe polish on patent leather.

Satin Shoes
Clean with a dry cloth. Don't use shoe polish, and avoid acetone (nail polish remover).

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